Uncover & Mitigate Third-Party Risks
Hosted by MetricStream

On Demand | 60 mins

Recent business disruptions caused by flawed third-party relationships have made organizations more aware of the impact of unmanaged third-party risks. Therefore, third-party risk management is more a priority today than it ever has been.

Third parties need to be assessed on multiple parameters including financial, legal, business continuity, and compliance. Each parameter plays a crucial role in establishing the stability of the third-party relationship. However, assessing third parties can be resource intensive.

By leveraging leading content providers on deep analysis of third parties and by adopting robust technology for third-party risk management, organizations can simplify the process and get early signs of risk exposure.

During the webinar, our experts will provide deep insight into:

  • Understanding the escalating risks that third parties pose to businesses
  • Achieving transparent third party relationships
  • Importance of financial analysis of third parties
  • Strategies to monitor vast third-party base
  • Role of technology in simplifying third-party risk and compliance management

Presented By:

James H. Gellert
Chairman & CEO, Rapid Ratings International
Swapnil Srivastav
Marketing Manager, MetricStream