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Report: Is Your Luck Running Out?

Managing Supplier Risk in Uncertain Times

Although disruptions are inevitable, procurement is often not prepared to respond. Organizations that can quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve these issues will be in the best position to weather the storms.

  • Learn how supplier risk management’s responsibilities have evolved over the past decade
  • Understand 12 macro trends affecting global supply chains
  • Leverage financial health as a key metric for managing supplier risk
  • Gain risk management insight to inform long-term supply strategies

The report finds that managing supplier risk has fallen to the bottom of the list of priorities for procurement with most CPOs citing lack of bandwidth and budget as the biggest roadblocks to proactively managing supply chain risks.  

This report, “Is Your Luck Running Out? Managing Supply Risk in Uncertain Times” identifies how resilient organizations are able to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve latent risk in extended supply chains.

This is the first time such comparative data on public and private firms across the supply market, industry, and US vs non-US companies has been published.