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CPO Perspectives on 2021 and Beyond

The global pandemic and associated volatility have made procurement and sourcing more important than ever before, and more difficult, too. Resilient supply chains have employed collaboration and risk management strategies to successfully navigate together with their business partners. While COVID-19 remains a key business challenge, it will not be the last. Visionary CPOs and business leaders must look forward and prepare their supply chains for the next challenge.

RapidRatings’ CEO, James Gellert, will be leading a discussion with Sajid Kunnummal, CPO at Navistar and Sue Spence, CPO at FedEx Services to understand what trends they see and how they are positioning their businesses in 2021 and beyond.


This fireside chat uncovers insights on:

  • New risks that may emerge and challenge businesses in the coming years.
  • Emerging trends in the business and practice of sourcing and procurement.
  • How financial health can impact supplier collaboration and resilience.
  • The role of interdepartmental partnerships in improving supply chain performance.


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