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Healthcare Supply Chains Responding to COVID-19

Few industries have ever experienced the strain that healthcare companies have faced in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside unprecedented demand, critical resources like human capital, medicine, devices and technology have been in flux. Without robust supplier and vendor risk management, the societal toll would be far worse. How are leading healthcare companies stepping up and succeeding on our behalf?

Join RapidRatings’ Managing Director of Client Success, Vanesa Divkovic, and a panel of three leading healthcare executives as they discuss their experience leading risk management programs through the pandemic.


This panel focuses on:

  • The role of crisis response as a complement to traditional risk management approaches.
  • How organizations have partnered with vendors and suppliers to rapidly shift business priorities.
  • Current risks to resilience among healthcare companies globally.
  • Communication strategies for engaging and collaborating across functional areas and with third-parties.


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