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Establishing Best-In-Class Supplier Risk

The pandemic has only accelerated the interdependencies in global supply chains. Efforts to better understand and manage supplier risk and collaboration can create significant enterprise value, but companies often struggle to launch successful programs because of challenges with program design or with coordinating the numerous involved stakeholders. Nola Hardaway, Senior Global Sourcing Operations Manager at GE Gas Power, has helped her organization to build a best-in-class supplier risk program, drawing on industry best practices and a legacy of GE management expertise.

If you are looking to launch or improve a supplier risk program, this is the session for you. Join Nola as she sits down with Jarrod Shandley, RapidRatings’ Co-Head of Product, to discuss the challenges she has faced and the solutions she has employed.


This discussion covers:

  • How to engage internal stakeholders in support of a strong program.
  • The impact of the global pandemic on supplier risk management.
  • Financial health as a key risk indicator in supply chains.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with suppliers and invite them into the program.


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