The State of Supply Chain Series:

Navigating the New Normal - Supply Chain Risk Learnings from COVID-19

On Demand | 60 min

Resilinc Founder & CEO Bindiya Vakil and RapidRatings CEO and Co-Founder, James Gellert, discuss relevant insights on what we’ve seen stemming from the COVID-19 supply chain slowdown. Businesses with poor financial health are more vulnerable to shocks, particularly unforeseen events with the magnitude and complexity of a global pandemic. On the opposite end, companies with strong financial health will be more likely to continue operating through crises and less likely to fail. We will dig deeper with quantitative data and our client-focused perspectives gleaned from this pandemic. 

In this third installment, you'll uncover:

  • Results from our second expansive economic stress test
  • What makes COVID-19's impact on global supply chain both a consequence and a cause
  • How RapidRatings and Resilinc are helping their customers to manage supply chains during the pandemic

Actionable practices that can be put in place:

  • During times of uncertainty, the best strategy to manage and protect your business is to lean into your supplier network and forge relationships through transparency and collaboration.
  • Legacy technology, while helpful, is often backwards-looking. Implementing predictive insights can help put barriers to risk in place and mitigate the effects of disruptions, no matter the size and severity.



Bindiya Vakil
CEO at Resilinc



James Gellert
CEO at RapidRatings