Overcoming the Obstacles of Private Company Financial Assessments

Strategies to help you take supplier risk management to the next level

On Demand | 30 mins

Private companies often account for 70-80% of the critical suppliers in your supply chain, yet most companies don’t evaluate the financial health of private companies with the same rigor or consistency as they do with public ones.  Unsure of where to start, many risk managers often settle for incomplete information, old financials, or, even worse, they don’t evaluate the financial health of private suppliers at all. private-company-webinar-image.jpg

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage financial health to build resilient supply chains
  • Conquer the misconceptions and challenges of assessing private companies
  • Evaluate the financial viability of private companies with the same depth as public companies
  • Scale your risk management efforts through technology and automation  

Don’t let common hurdles prevent you from obtaining a complete analysis of your private partners.  Register Today!

Presented By:


Brian Sica, CFA
Director of Sales Operations
Brian is the Director of Sales Operations & Inside Sales at Rapid Ratings. He brings nearly 5 years’ worth of experience at the company helping clients both large and small achieve their supplier risk management objectives. Brian is a graduate of the University of Southern California and earned his charter from the CFA Institute in 2016.