Developing a Supplier Risk Management Strategy
Key factors for planning a comprehensive risk management program

On Demand | 30 mins

A disruption in the supply chain can affect companies in many ways.  From a business disruption to revenue loss and damage brand reputation.  Understanding threats to supply chain continuity is a critical step in the risk management process.  

Have you identified the types of risk that are most critical to your enterprise?


Watch the webinar to learn best practices for planning your risk management strategy. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a segmented supplier list with key factors to assess criticality
  • Determine types of risks and key factors important to your organization
  • Define criteria to classify high risk suppliers and third parties

Presented By:


Brian Sica, CFA
Director of Sales Operations

Brian is the Director of Sales Operations at Rapid Ratings. He brings nearly 5 years’ worth of experience at the company helping clients both large and small achieve their supplier risk management objectives. Brian is a graduate of the University of Southern California and earned his charter from the CFA Institute in 2016.