The FHR Network®

A Secure Membership Platform for Private Company Suppliers

More than any other year in memory, recent economic volatility has demonstrated that interdependence in the global supply chain runs deeper than trade payments and commercial transactions.

Sourcing and procurement teams want to work with suppliers who can collaborate effectively, consistently, and transparently. The FHR Network gives private company suppliers expanded capabilities that can help , leverage your strengths and navigate through weaknesses, discreetly and confidentially.

By securely and discreetly submitting controlled financial information (profit and loss, balance sheet, cashflow statement) via The FHR Network®, private company suppliers can gain a clear understanding of their own financial positioning, compare how that positioning stacks up against peers, and share that information with potential buyers—through a common, business-friendly language—regardless of financial expertise.

Based on those financial statements, RapidRatings then generates an unbiased, straightforward, and consistent financial health rating combined with financial and nonfinancial reports.

  • Learn, by understanding strengths and vulnerabilities compared to your peers
  • Grow, by sharing financial health ratings with prospects and winning new business
  • Protect, by continuously demonstrating resiliency, stability, and improvements
  • Prepare, for collaborative conversations with tips on what buyer-clients are likely to ask about your financial health

Sourcing & procurement teams want to collaborate more closely with you.

Private supplier companies of all sizes trust us with their financial statements, questions about operational and capital efficiencies, and their client relationships with many of the world’s leading enterprises—for stronger, more resilient supply chains.




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Join the FHR Network

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More than ever, collaboration with, and transparency among, business partners is essential to your ongoing success.

We're proud to continue supporting global supply chains through this crisis; thus Annual Membership is just $975. This membership includes unlimited shares of your FHR over the next 12 months.


Understanding the FHR

When analyzing the strength and stability of suppliers, it's important to look across forward-looking financial data. A Financial Health Rating or FHR levels the playing field for suppliers by providing consistent indicators of reliability and shock resiliency based purely on quantitative data. The FHR is the first foundational step towards a more transparent and collaborative supply chain. 



What is the FHR?

The Financial Health Rating is the cornerstone of the Financial Health System. The rating is a single number from 0-100 that indicates the overall financial health of a given company and is an industry standard for determining a company’s viability. Financial health is the gateway to understanding a company’s underlying strengths and weaknesses.

A company’s financial health is an accurate and predictive key performance indicator that is instrumental to determining how it will perform as a business partner (vendor, supplier, credit counterparty, or other third party). We use sophisticated profiling techniques to benchmark the financial characteristics of any company against millions of observations.

The FHR®:

  • Is based purely on financial statement data (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Employs 24 industry-specific models to account for variations in industry-specific risk
  • Is calculated with 62 efficiency ratios and 11 default-resiliency ratios
  • Is a uniform metric for public AND private companies
  • Is company specific, with no broad market sentiment or geo-political data incorporated
Why do people need to see my FHR?

The Financial Health Rating (FHR) is the business standard for assessing financial health of a business partner you rely on.

Our clients manage relationships with potentially hundreds or thousands of public and private partners from around the world. The FHR provides a standardized method of measuring and managing risk on an apples-to-apples basis.

The FHR sets a new standard for financial health transparency between business partners. Both enterprise clients and members benefit when joining the FHR Network.

Who is RapidRatings?

RapidRatings® sets the standard for financial health transparency between business partners, transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk. RapidRatings provides the most sophisticated analysis of the financial health of public and private companies. The company’s predicative analytics provide insights into how third-party partners, suppliers, vendors, customers and securities issuers are likely to perform.



How do suppliers benefit from joining the FHR Network?

The FHR Network gives you expanded capabilities that can help you communicate your exposures and opportunities—discreetly and confidentially. You will receive an objective overview of your firm’s financial health to enable the CFO with business planning and the CRO with the ability to show that you meet the transparency standards for financial health, helping you grow your business.

You will be able to financially compare your firm to peer companies through industry benchmarks.

You can start to leverage RapidRatings to bolster your own supply chain risk management program by accessing the financial health ratings of your public suppliers. You may consider expanding your partnership with RapidRatings to requesting ratings for your own private suppliers and customers to build more resiliency into your supply chain.

The RapidRatings FHR Network allows you to seamlessly share your assessment with any customer of your choosing, purely at your discretion. The transparency you gain will help you proactively manage your relationship with your customer base. Your customers can be confident the analysis shared is quantitative, standardized, and unbiased in nature.

Financial resilience will be a reoccurring theme from your customers in coming months as the impact of Covid-19 is absorbed across the broader economy. This can be accomplished directly through the RapidRatings FHR Network or via downloadable reports. Additional costs are not incurred to share your financial data with additional clients.

What is the process to pay and upload financial statements?

On this page there is a 'Register Now' button that will take you to a secure portal where you can register, pay and upload the financial statements.

You can expect the rating and reports to be available approximately 5 business days after the financial statements are provided.

A RapidRatings representative will reach out to you and walk you through this process, or you can sign up on your own.

How do suppliers protect their data?

RapidRatings FHR Network is a sharing platform that enables suppliers to share their FHR report with parties of their choice. If a supplier chooses to only share their FHR report with the party requesting an FHR, that is the supplier’s decision: It is a disclosure setting that the supplier can select inside the FHR Network service. The RapidRatings terms permit the maximum sharing activity possible in the service, which supports all of our supplier disclosures and their unique preferences.


How do suppliers set their disclosure setting?

The supplier’s disclosure setting is automatically set to “Standard Transparency,” which permits all financial information and the full suite of reporting to be provided. There is also a “Limited Transparency” setting that shares only the FHR rating and limited reporting. A supplier may select the Limited Transparency setting if they do not want their financial information to be shared. This significantly limits the reports that will be made available to the party requesting the FHR. Suppliers can also stop sharing their FHR and information by contacting network support.

How is supplier financial data protected or secured?

The RapidRatings FHR Network securely holds the financial information of suppliers. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using best in class encryption standards (TLS1.2 and AES256). All data is transmitted via HTTPS TLS1.2 encryption and is encrypted at rest when stored in US based data centers that are ISO27001:2013 and SOC1 & 2 certified. The services are hosted within Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, and the live service is hosted in multiple redundant data centers in the US East region of AWS, synchronized daily with our disaster recovery facility hosted in the US West region of AWS. The RapidRatings data center vendors have no access to data. For full information about RapidRatings information security, visit the RapidRatings Help Center – Information Security.



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