Evaluating Financial Health of Private Suppliers to Maintain Resilient Operations

Hosted by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), featuring RapidRatings & GE


On Demand | 60 mins

Private companies will account for 70-80% of the critical suppliers in your third-party ecosystem, yet most organizations don't actually evaluate the financial risks of private suppliers with the same rigor or consistency as they do with public ones. Attend this session to understand the options available for private company financial analysis and how understanding the financial health of these companies can help your company maintain resilient operations and business continuity.

  • Recognize the link between financial health and business resiliency & continuity
  • Understand why public & private companies should be evaluated on the same basis
  • Realize the importance of obtaining financials for private companies
  • Learn how to obtain financials for private companies
Presented By:
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James H. Gellert
Chairman & CEO

Stephanie Schaefer
Senior Sourcing Manager
GE Healthcare