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Creating a Competitive Advantage in Your Supply Chain

On Demand   |  60 Minutes

Almost every industry is prone to disruption, and disruption in any part of your supply chain could mean lost sales and a damaged brand reputation. Understanding the financial health of your supply chain, however, can not only mitigate risk, but also strengthen your company’s ability to exercise innovation and agility.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn how leading organizations have used financial health to partner with the strongest suppliers and leveraged their supply chains to build a competitive advantage. This webinar will explore how:

  • Evaluating financial health can be a leading indicator for other risks, including performance, business continuity, and even cyber risk
  • Focusing on financial transparency can help find the strongest partners that can grow with you and build better business relationships
  • Operationalizing predictive risk metrics will not only benefit your brand, but also drive your bottom line.

Watch our webinar.

Wednesday, May 16   |  30 Minutes  |  12:30 PM EST

A critical component of measuring the credit risk of new commercial loans is a rigorous analysis of the borrower’s financial statements. This analysis is not only used to make the initial credit approval and structure the terms of the loan, but it is also used to monitor the ongoing credit quality of the borrower throughout the life of the loan. Traditional financial statement analysis is a manual, time-consuming, and subjective activity, but it doesn’t need to be.

In this webinar, you will learn how quantitative and objective data-driven models can provide:

  • Consistent evaluations of a company’s core efficiency and competitiveness over the next 2-3 years, leading to improved credit decisions
  • Accurate measures of a company’s resilience to short-term risk factors, reducing potential losses
  • Quick financial health assessments during credit underwriting, creating more time for you to focus on non-financial risks
  • Efficient ways to monitor the portfolio through visualizations of default risk using quadrant analysis

Presented By:

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Bob Chojnacki, Senior Manager Supplier Performance at Southwest Airlines


  Brian Sica, Director of Sales Operations and Development at RapidRatings 
Brian Sica brings expertise in building process and scaling programs as the Director of Sales Operations and Development at RapidRatings. He oversees a team that implements new sales processes across the organization and ensures that we’re able to deliver value for every one of our 200+ clients. Prior to this role at the company, he managed the relationships at several of RapidRatings’ largest and most complex accounts.