A Pragmatic Approach to Managing High Risk Suppliers
How to maintain resilience and continuity in the supply chain when a supplier is high risk

On Demand | 60 mins

Financial issues on the part of a supplier are the most common cause of supply chain disruptions yet fewer than half of respondents have a formal supply chain risk management (SCRM) strategy according to ProcureCon’s annual benchmark study for 2017. This webinar will offer practical guidance identifying and mitigating risks of critical, high-risk suppliers to help maintain business continuity and operational resilience. 


With revenue and reputation on the line, can you afford to be reactive when it comes to supplier risk?

Key Takeaways:

  • Segment suppliers based on criticality to your operations
  • Identify high risk suppliers with accuracy using predictive analytics
  • Leverage technology to guide a financial dialogue and inform your risk mitigation strategy

Presented By:


Brian Sica, CFA
Director of Sales Operations

Brian is the Director of Sales Operations at Rapid Ratings. He brings nearly 5 years’ worth of experience at the company helping clients both large and small achieve their supplier risk management objectives. Brian is a graduate of the University of Southern California and earned his charter from the CFA Institute in 2016.