2016-2018 Bankruptcy Matrix for U.S. Energy Companies

FHR® Provides Forward-Looking Insight in Advance of Company Failures

Our FHR (Financial Health Rating) predicts deterioration or improvement over the next 12 months, and is proven to be far more forward-looking than traditional risk and ratings tools that rely on qualitative judgments, payment history, or market pricing inputs. 

Download our Energy Bankruptcy Matrix to view:

  • A comprehensive overview of companies that have defaulted
  • FHR for 3+ years for defaulted companies
  • Early warning signals and trend of decline over time
  • FHR & Probability of Default at time of default

The FHR enables credit teams to extend and price credit, avoid the impact of company deterioration or default, and identify potential opportunities for new or expanded business. the only firm to provide the same accuracy and depth of analysis on public and private companies globally.