The State of Supply Chain Series:

Stress Test & Supplier Dialogue

Tuesday - April 7, 2020 | on demand | 60 min

RapidRatings is the front line of financial health, arming supply chain professionals with actionable insights. In this series, RapidRatings CEO & Co-Founder, James Gellert, reviews proprietary data on the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and shares strategies on how RapidRatings is helping clients get ahead of disruption.

In this second installment of the "State of Supply Chain" webinar series, James reviewed results from the “COVID-19 Stress Test” conducted on companies in our global supplier database of source-verified financials. He also shared insights on how the pandemic is providing a new template for talking to your suppliers and how Financial Health Dialogue can help drive better decisions and supplier collaboration.

This session covers:

  • Results from our international “State of Supply Chain” survey
  • Why your suppliers' Financial Health matters more now
  • Deep dive on results from our COVID-19 stress test
  • Strategies to have the right conversations with your suppliers

Presented By:


James Gellert
CEO at RapidRatings