2019 Annual Default Review
default study cover

Supplier disruptions affect your company.  Suppliers that have had easy access to debt, and struggling suppliers that have enjoyed periods of economic growth, may have difficulty surviving more market volatility.  Whether a supplier defaults, fails, or even just struggles financially, it hurts your brand and bottom line.

In analyzing trends of companies who have defaulted over the past year compared to the previous three decades, RapidRatings has found clear red flags for suppliers headed towards bankruptcy.  Download our 2019 Annual Default Review to find out the top 5 supplier red flags and top 5 industries to watch out for.     

Read the report to learn:

  • How financial health enables you to detect potential risks and performance issues in your supply chain
  • How to predict supplier defaults based on past trends
  • How looming economic conditions could impact your default likelihood
  • Which industries you should be most concerned about in your supply chain