Procurement Benchmark Survey: The State of Risk

Understanding Threats to Business Continuity, Supply Chain Challenges, and How Procurement can use Financial Health to Build Resilient Supply Chains

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Check out what your peers have decided will make or break your strategy in 2018 and beyond.  Read the survey to understand:

  • Common challenges for supply chain and procurement 
  • Procurement’s current risk management strategies
  • Impact of financial health as a key metric for supplier risk
  • Building supply chain resilience with transparency

ProcureCon Indirect East’s 2017 benchmark survey set out to gauge attitudes and strategies around risk management, as well as the fallout of supply chain interruptions. Both areas have come into sharper focus as the procurement department’s influence has matured. One of the key tenets of a supplier strategy is accounting for risk that spans several levels, from reputational risk, to the avoidance of business interruptions and ultimately revenue loss.